August 21, 2014

Oh Mama Again!

There is a situation going on here that I have been hesitating to write about because it is a personal matter.  I decided to go for it now because my experience may be of assistance to one of you facing a similar issue.

For the past several days I have been harassed, maligned and threatened by a client who didn’t like her Quantum Sphere Healing session and wanted me to refund her fee.  She has sent multiple e-mails in this regard.  I did not respond to any of them as she was also pursuing financial restitution through PayPal and her bank.  PayPal sided with me, but her bank did not, so the refund was sent through today.  I am assuming that the harassment will stop now, but one never knows. 

I have been searching my consciousness as to first of all why she had such a bad reaction to the healing work, and secondly, what the meaning of all of this is for me and my healing practice.  As those of you who have worked with me know, I give each and every session my all and do not mince words when I give my client a report at the end of the session.  Except for just a few clients that I have worked with in the past many years, everyone is accepting and appreciative of the work, even though they may not either understand it or agree with everything.  Even those in that category understand that work was done on their behalf and that they have made a shift for the positive.

Last year I wrote a post entitled “Oh Mama” in which I talked about the many problems one can have with mother issues and what the causes for these issues may be.  As I have worked through my mother issues, I have gotten fewer to almost no clients and students projecting their mother issues on me.  This is as it should be, as our unresolved issues are mirrored to us from other people. As we resolve, we get less and less of that coming back at us.

This week’s events fell into the mother category.  Even though my client’s issue did not relate to her mother directly, those issues certainly got triggered for her during the session, as her e-mails all had to do with the “mother” issue in a variety of indirect ways.  Somehow in my imagination I expect a client to hold up a sign that says “I’m touchy.  Treat me with kid gloves.  Please mother me”.  Those with unresolved mother issues do need special handling at times, but I think that I missed the clues with this one.  So I have revisited my own lingering mother issues and resolved more of that for myself. 

It is not unusual for other issues to be triggered for a client during a session.  Most of my people recognize that and with the homework that I give for post session work, have the tools to work through any distress that comes up.  In my ideal world I would be working with spiritually evolving clients who know how to articulate and own their issues, and who are interested in clearing the blocks to their spiritual evolution.  That would be really juicy and productive work for both of us.  How rewarding would that be!!! 

August 18, 2014


I spent a good part of this weekend meandering up in the mountains looking for mushrooms.  Many hours, in fact.  It was so nice up there yesterday that I lingered longer than I normally would.  What a nice way to take a break from life as it usually is.

Normally when I hike, I am on a mission to go faster and further than the time before on a particular trail.  With mushroom hunting, that doesn’t work.  You have to walk slowly while keeping your eyes on the ground, as mushrooms like to hide. You also have to go off the trail and bushwhack around.  Meandering is the style.

I don’t mean aimless wandering about, either.  You must keep your eyes on the ground in a concentrated way while at the same time being aware of everything around you.  Like an impending mountain lion attack or maybe getting ready to fall off of a cliff.  Just kidding! 

Here is a great story about finding mushrooms.  Last year in early September, I decided to take one last trip into the mountains to see if I could find any late mushrooms.  I did get a few and had a delightful hike, too.  I was on the last stretch of trail heading for the road when a hippie-ish young man popped out of the woods next to me.  That was the first surprise, as there were no other people there on that day.  He was also carrying a silver bucket filled with what looked like black pine cones. 

He seamed unusually cheerful and full of energy.  We struck up a conversation and I asked him about what was in the bucket.  Not pine cones but black chanterelles.  Now, this kind of mushroom was totally new to me, as the chanterelles that I pick are orange.  No wonder he was excited.

He proceeded to tell me that he and his girlfriend had been camping out of his pickup truck and were specifically looking for the black chanterelles.  On more than one occasion while they were driving around in the woods, she would suddenly yell out “stop, they’re calling me.”  He would stop, she would jump out and come back a while later with some of the mushrooms.  It worked every time.  I guess you could call this shrooming by intuition. 

As we continued our conversation, I found out that this was also his method for finding them.  He tuned into their vibration and waited until they called to him. He then followed the call.  I offered to trade some of my boletes for his black chanterelles, but he just gave me a few to take home and try.  They were delicious but it was kind of strange eating mushrooms the color of black licorice. 

Now, why was this such a big deal?  After I got home, I looked them up.  Not only were the black chanterelles not in my Colorado mushroom book, but they were not listed in any book that I had.  I had to look them up on the Internet.  On top of all that, their common name is Trumpet of Death. I ate them anyway!!!   I do not know if I would call them rare over all, but certainly rare for Colorado.  

There is a way that we can apply this “listening” method to everyday life.  Suppose that you misplace your car keys somewhere in your house.  Instead of running around like a nut looking for them, try attuning to their energy and waiting until they call you to them.  It is also important to still your mind or else you may not hear the call.

I actually used this method yesterday to find some of the orange chanterelles. While standing on the trail near a likely habitat where they might be found, I attuned to their energy, and then waited in silence.  I did not “hear” the call so much with my inner hearing, but my physical eyes meandered around and settled on a spot.  “Look there!”  Sure enough, there they were. 

So I guess we could call all of this “meandering with a purpose.”  Eyes open, mind relaxed and consciousness expanded.  It just occurred to me that this would also put one into the “everywhere and everywhen” of the quantum field.  Unlimited access to all.  No more lost car keys! 

August 11, 2014

Original Glory

An interesting phenomenon has been happening with some of my Quantum Sphere Healing clients.  There is a part of the session where a specific theme in their DNA (or genetic inherited lineage) gets cleared.  This happens spontaneously, and does not happen for every client in every session.  I just trust the process and go with what is happening.

Some examples of the inherited themes that have come up to be cleared have to do with slavery, servitude, being less than or second class, violence, being used, or even having a specific physical or emotional dysfunction.  For people who have a strong ET genetic lineage, this can create a lot of patterning that is robotic and electrical.  It also gets cleared during a session.

Bottom line, no matter what the genetic pattern is, it has to start somewhere.  DNA can be affected for the negative through a variety of ways, so there is always an originating event that starts the ball rolling.  In the case of the ET DNA, there is a mating of human and ET that injects the non human patterns into the human.  The clearing that happens during a session has to go back prior to the originating event that distorted the DNA.   

So once the pattern is cleared back through all of the ancestors that live holographically in the client’s genetic patterning, the clean and clear pattern that existed before the distortion happened just automatically comes forward through time to the present.   

At this point a marvelous thing happens.  The energy prior to the distortion comes flooding into the client’s field.  This energy is very high and is a vibrant gold color.  I call this vibration the “original glory” for lack of a better term. 

The more I work with this energy, I am convinced that the clearing not only goes back prior to the introduction of the distortion, but also prior to the DNA itself.  That means that one of the client’s personal stargates has been accessed to let this energy in!  If this is true, then it is probably 5th dimensional unified consciousness energy that exists and has always existed above and beyond the synthetic matrix. 

I had a question from a client the other day about the chakra dynamics in her family.  She and her husband have removed their chakras, and upon recent checking, it turns out that her 10 year old son’s chakras are no longer there without him doing anything to remove them. This has probably happened through the genetic pathways that unite the family.  Ultimately, we are all one big family, and the 100th monkey effect will start to come into play for not only the chakra removal but with all sorts of energetic transformations such as accessing the original glory.  More and more people will shift faster and faster.  And easier and easier!  The tedious and time consuming processes that we go through now will soon become a thing of the past. 

August 7, 2014


Mushroom picking season has started in the mountains of Colorado.  We have had a very juicy monsoon this year, which always helps the mushroom crop.  This photo shows all of the chanterelles that I picked today.  There were not too many out last year, and this haul is probably more than I found during all of the previous August.  They have now been cut up and are drying in my dehydrator. 

Mushroom hunting is in my blood.  I am 100% second generation Czech, and of course, shrooming has always been an important annual event in the old country.  My grandparents owned a neighborhood grocery store in Chicago, and each Sunday in August, they would head up to Michigan to pick mushrooms to sell in the store.  My mother used to tell stories about how all of the newly cleaned and sliced mushrooms would be drying on window screens all over their house, inside and out. 

My grandparents eventually retired to southwest Michigan where they continued to pick mushrooms every August.  I vividly remember the smell of those mushrooms drying on the screens outside of their garage.  I even went with them a few times to pick, and got good at recognizing the "safe" ones that they were looking for.

Shroomers always try to keep their special picking places a secret from other mushroom hunters.  I made the mistake of pointing out my grandparent's secret spot as we drove past that road with some of their friends in the car.  My grandmother was definitely not pleased! 

I am hoping that in the next few weeks I will start finding boletes, which are very close to the kind of mushrooms that my grandparents picked.  They are of a typical mushroom shape, can get quite large, and have mahogany colored tops.  If my posts get a bit more infrequent for a while, you can bet that I am out shrooming instead of inside writing! 

August 6, 2014

Spiritual Maturity

I deal with a fair number of people on a weekly basis in my healing practice and with students, and have gotten pretty good at assessing their levels of spiritual maturity.  This is also something that I have paid attention to in myself as the years have gone by.  There have been some definite changes that can be seen as I look back on the problematic emotions, attitudes or behaviors of the past.  The following are a few of the hallmarks of spiritual maturity. 

The first, most important and often the toughest one involves taking total responsibility as the creator of your life.   Each person comes into this lifetime with a plan that has been created by their Higher Self.  This includes all the people we are to meet, the path we are to take, and the major events we are to experience.  The Higher Self is always in charge.  There are no accidents.  Even the most horrendous events are part of our plan.  There are no victims.  The interaction between the one who plays the part of the “perpetrator” and the one who plays the part of the “victim” is also preplanned. They have co-created the interaction for the learning and experience of both of them.  

This is where I have parted ways with several clients over the years, not that I expect everyone to be working towards spiritual maturity.  If a client adamantly insists that they are a victim and have had nothing to do with creating their life’s difficulties, their healing work goes nowhere.  They are wasting their time and money with me.  I am not saying that by owning what has happened to them means that they are running a masochistic and conscious self harming pattern (although some do), but if you don’t own it in even some small way, you can’t change it.  The spiritually mature person says “OK.  This very disturbing event has happened.  I acknowledge that I drew it to me for some reason.  What can I learn from it?  What are the hidden gifts that I have received?  How can I use this knowledge to further my evolution?”  Once these questions are answered, one can move forward using the problematic experience as a learning tool to apply to similar future events, if they even repeat at all!  

What is one purpose for the unpleasant and even violent incidents in our lives?  To further the evolution of the whole of who we are to a state of completion through the learning that can be had by experiencing these events.  This brings me to the next hallmark of spiritual maturity which is the ability to perceive that we are more than just the body that is living on the earth at this time.  This goes well beyond the concept of reincarnation.  At a consciousness level that is outside of time and space, all incarnations are happening at the same time.  All of those experiences are contributing to the evolution of the “whole” of us.  Once one grasps that concept, the need to be perfected or all that is by the end of this lifetime goes out the window.  We are only a part of the bigger whole and contribute to the evolution of that whole.   

I find that those who have attained some level of spiritual maturity also have an energy of being comfortably well settled in their body.  They are not easily ruffled, as many of their former emotional triggers have been resolved.  Because of this, it is easy for them to be the observer of the world around them, knowing that at all times, everything is as it should be.  They can honor the other person's path because of that knowingness. 

The Native Americans call this way of living “Walking the Beauty Way”.  Tread lightly on the surface of the planet, leaving no indication that you were ever here.  Live a life of minimal attachment.  Honor all others that coexist with you, whether they be human, plant, animal or any of the other nature kingdoms of the planet.  Know that there is a plan for all even though you may not know what the plan is.  The key here for us is to know ourselves intimately and completely inside and out.  Cultivate your inner connection and take some time each day for introspection.  You are all wise and ancient souls.  Acknowledge that and be that. 

July 28, 2014

Your Personal Stargate

Yesterday our launching group met for our monthly sojourn into the unknown.  It is becoming clear to everyone that the current state of acceleration is continuing and even getting faster.  In spite of the rapid deconstruction of the world around us, we can use this acceleration to our advantage in assisting our spiritual evolution.

The intent for my launch was to find my most effective personal internal stargates.  I was looking at 2 choices—the center of my core essence or the center of my atoms. 

As soon as my consciousness awareness was up and away from my body, I found myself looking at a vertically oriented pattern of multiple energy fields that resembled galaxies.  They were all identical and I was looking at the top side of them versus the edgewise orientation.  There was a lot of space in between them and I realized that these were the energy fields of atoms.  I asked “Which one is it?” and got “Pick one.  There’s no difference.”  OK.

So that is what I did.  I approached one of these energy fields and quickly saw that I was looking at a torus as described in the previous post.  The energy flow was rotating down and into the center and out the back side and around again.  As I got closer I could see that in the dead center of the torus there was a very small and brightly glowing opening.  This was the stargate. 

My next question was whether the energy rotating around in this pattern was actually entering the stargate.  It didn’t look like it was.  If we regard the flowing energy as 4th dimensional and the opening of the stargate to the 5th dimension and beyond as having a definite boundary or ring around it, then it looked like the 4D flow was just touching the edge of the ring and then moving on without entering.  Perhaps it was even maintaining that opening so that it did not collapse.  As long as the torus was rotating, the stargate would remain open. 

Now comes the interesting part.  My intent was to go through the stargate to the other side.  Not as easy as it seems!  As I got closer to the actual stargate, I heard “Are you willing to let go of everything to go through?  All attachments, all baggage, even your physical body?”  Sure.  Why not.  If I dematerialized right then and there that would give the launching group something to talk about for years to come!  After a few attempts, I eased my way into the stargate and probably got only partially through.  If I had gotten all the way through, I might not be here to talk about it today.  In that space it was very easy to let go of all thoughts, visions, goals and even the sensations of the body. It was effortless. 

An interesting thing happened that confirmed to me that I at least got partially through.  My body began to get really hot.  Really hot!  When I came back from that journey, I found out that everyone else around me got really hot, too.  Before we started, I had turned off the ceiling fan as it was making a bit of noise and was distracting.  One of the launchers jumped up and put it back on full speed after I came back.  Could this also be the cause of spontaneous human combustion?  Someone inadvertently entering one of their own internal stargates and burning up their body? 

On my second launch I repeated the process with the goal of retrieving energetic templates for humanity’s lost skills such as bi-location, time travel, accessing free energy, and even manifesting perfect health.  What about changing your eye or hair color any time you wish?  How about manifesting food?  I imagined creating a perfect bunch of grapes in my hands.  Each was about the size of a cherry tomato and they were a combination of a lime green and deep purple color.  They even had tiny droplets of water on them as if they had just been rinsed off.  Talk about creating heaven on earth! On the other hand, would we even need food when we reach this state? 

I plan on playing with this stargate process a lot, as this is the way that we can bypass the synthetic matrix domination of our current reality.  If you fight against it, you just give it power. We will rise above it instead.