October 19, 2014


After a very busy summer and coming back from a few weeks off, it is finally feeling like life has gotten back to some sense of normalcy, whatever that is!  While taking a walk around my neighborhood this morning, I took the opportunity to catch up on one of George KavassilasSuper Woo Radio episodes.  It was #33 to be exact, recorded on July 4th.  That just shows you how far behind I have gotten with some things!   The show itself was fairly unremarkable up until near the end when George said something that really rang a bell with me.

He commented that he had a recent conversation with the soul of our Earth Mother, and she told him that to make her transition, she had to die.  Whoa I thought!  Isn’t that a bit dramatic?  He went on to explain that she would implode, dissolving all life on her surface.  There was a bit more discussion about how people would take this news, especially those with families and earthly attachments, goals, businesses, and plans for the future.  Now, there was no discussion of a time line for this although the year 2015 was mentioned as being one wild and crazy ride. 

As I was walking along and mulling this information over, I remembered something that I hadn’t thought about for quite a while.  About 20 years ago, I was involved with a spiritual group that was based in Montana.  In fact, I ended up moving to Montana from Illinois even after I had quit the group because I liked it so much there.  The group in question was led by a female who routinely invoked ascended masters and archangels.  Your typical new age fare.  It was at this time that I had decided that there was something seriously wrong with that, as engaging with these energies didn’t seem to be doing anyone in the group any good. 

Anyway, during one of the big group meditations, I got an image of our earth turning into a star.  As I floated above the earth’s surface in my meditation, found myself observing her etheric grid.   This is the patterning that floats just above the surface of the planet.  All beings have this, as it is the template for the physical form. 

I then saw this etheric grid suddenly light up, expand away from the planet a bit, and then rapidly come crashing down into it.  When the dust settled, all that was left was a small star.  None of the dense matter remained.  I am not sure if I even told anyone in the group what I had experienced, as there was really no context for that information then like there is now. 

Yesterday, I did a little tracking of the event that George mentioned, and this is what I got.  Since we all have an energetic “up line” that is in charge of the self that is experiencing earthly life here, why would our Earth Mother be any different?  That would mean that she is not the originator of her implosion, and that the impulse to do that would come from a higher part of her.  My sense is that once the signal was sent, the part of her that receives this information would be her 5th dimensional core, located at the center of her planetary body. This is where we all anchor our grounding cords. 

There would be a lot of reaction on the planetary surface I would expect, probably in the way of earthquakes and volcanic activity.  Then when the time was right, the torus at her core would activate her etheric grid as described above, and everything would appear to implode.  What would actually happen is that her 3rd and 4th dimensional layers would fold into her core, leaving nothing of them left.  Her 5th dimensional self would be what remained, appearing to the outside world to be a star.  How cool is that? 

I have written previously that at one time our Earth Mother told me that she was the 5th soul to embody this planet, in other words, she is a walk in.  Each successive soul would anchor into the planet after the previous soul left during a time of cataclysmic change.  If the implosion event occurs, there would no longer be a planet for another soul to walk into, so that cycle would come to an end. 

Since we humans are the microcosm of the earth’s macrocosm, the same thing can happen to us.  Up until now, when we die, our soul exits the body and drifts to a 4th dimensional level that matches our vibration at the time of death.  At this point, we are still stuck in the cycle of reincarnation.  The physical body then either goes through a decay process or an incineration as in cremation.  Either way, there is always some material matter left behind.

Now imagine your transition taking the form of what would happen to our Earth Mother.  The impulse or message to start your transformation comes down from your higher self.  You may or may not feel anything at that point, but my guess is that if you are of a state of completion and ready to graduate to a higher dimensional realm, you would probably know it.  There are 2 possibilities that may happen next.  Either you would fold into the torus of your 5D core essence, or the personal stargate at the center of each atom of your body would fold in upon itself.  In both cases, you would pop out into your 5D energy body, and there would be no trace of you left behind here.  Before the final implosion, there may also be a lighting up of your etheric body, the same as I saw in my vision of the earth’s implosion. 

As for the timing of this, who knows?  That’s always the question on everyone’s minds.  All I can say is that if you live each day as if it were your last, coming into completion with the day’s events before you go to bed, you will be ready when this event occurs.  All may not be smooth sailing, though, as I will write about in the next post. 

October 15, 2014

The False Light Maze

In the course of my healing practice I work with many clients who currently are or have worked with other practitioners of various sorts in the past.    Believe me, I hear about some crazy stuff coming from these other practitioners in the way of endless clearings, repeated contact revocations, and exotic chakra removal methods to name a few.  Some of these sound so ridiculous to me that I wonder why people would bother with them.  I have heard from several people that a somewhat notable spiritual teacher hosted a recent gathering in which attendees spent the greater part of the week painstakingly removing their chakras and inserting poisoned decoys in their place.  Why, I wonder?  Chakra removal is a fairly quick and easy process for most people, taking no more than a half hour. No more need be done with them after they are removed.

Everyone on this planet is a combination of organic and synthetic energies.  I routinely find various aspects of my clients stuck in the synthetic matrix.  I have written much on this, but basically, when our soul entered the 4th dimensional arena for the first time, some aspects of it went with the organic path, and some with the synthetic matrix.  Some people are more synthetic than organic, as I have been finding lately.  That’s just the way it is.
This goes for healing practitioners and their various practices, too.  I know that most of them are of good intention and want the best for their clients, but since they are of a mix of organic and synthetic, as are we all, their practices can be a mixture as well.  So we can have well intentioned practitioners recommending some processes that are not supportive of the organic path.

It occurred to me just today that a lot of these methods would lead one into what I call the “false light maze”.  This light is false because it gives the impression that it is supportive of spiritual growth while the opposite is in fact true.  One can get trapped there and not be able to get out, working these processes on themselves or others for years with some pretty poor results.   I am speaking of self clearing exercises as well as processes that some healers use on their clients.  When I get a new client who tells me that they have had a lot of healing work done by various healers or have used a variety of methods on themselves, I cringe.  In almost all cases, they are an energetic mess.  I have to wonder, what have they been doing all this time? 

From my perspective, here are some of the signals that you may be working a synthetic matrix process.  Keep in mind that I am speaking in generalities here.  

Archangels, so called ascended masters or other discarnate beings are called in to help you.  They are agents of the synthetic matrix.  

The group that you may be involved with has a hierarchical structure, with the spiritual leader at the top of the pyramid.  Often this also involves a “special” label for the followers or a “club” of some kind.  We see that there are the haves and have nots in these groups and also an “us versus them” mentality towards those not in the group.

The recommended processes are primarily mental in nature such as clearing lists of contracts, vows, old agreements, etc.  This can lead to an endless cycle of addressing these over and over which is designed to trap the sincere seeker in the maze.  If the mind is allowed to be our master instead of a tool for our evolution, it can take over and sabotage the best of intentions.  One can loop through the clearing protocol over and over again with little to no results.  Frustration is the result.

If a protocol requires a lot of repetition over a long length of time, or if it is too complicated, you can become trapped!  Your energy becomes sapped and you live in a world of being distracted from more fruitful processes.  This is by the design of the synthetic matrix, as it is counterproductive to any real growth and evolution.  I am sure that the hope is that you will get tired of all of this so called processing and just give up on your personal work.    

The process that you are employing should be one that focuses you towards a positive instead of away from a negative.  Fear is a huge motivator and manipulator, and is especially used by the dark forces, ET’s and others aligned with the synthetic matrix.  It lowers your vibration, contracts your energy field and makes you more vulnerable to all sorts of things happening, including physical health issues. 

If you are using energetic protections, which are always fear based and use up your energy to keep them in place, this will keep you stuck in the false light maze.  They very rarely work.  The most fruitful way to know what you need to address next is by what is triggering your issues, so why would you want to suppress that inborn mechanism for personal growth?   Unfortunately a lot of people view this triggering as being attacked by something external to themselves when in actuality, this so called attack is really by their own energy! 

All of what I have written about is designed to keep you stuck, distracted and to keep your energy levels low so that you cannot raise your vibration.   It’s the perfect maze that one can have a hard time getting out of.  Not impossible though!

The organic path relies only on you, your natural guidance systems, and your higher aspects or Higher Self.  Practices and processes focus on moving your energy, feeling your emotions and vibrationally moving towards a more expanded state.  You are ideally connected to your higher source energy as well firmly anchored into the Heart Core of our Mother Earth.  When you ground into her heart, it is an energy movement exercise and not a visualization. When one is grounded, it should feel like you are being supported inside the most nurturing womb space ever imagined.  Feel is the operative word here!  When your core essence is expanded, you are totally in your higher dimensional heart space and at one with all.  Fear and judgment do not exist in this space.  Make this another energy movement exercise and not just a visualization.  Expand your core essence using your breath like you are blowing up a balloon. 

I hope all of this information has been helpful, especially for those who have been working their processes for a long time with very little to no results.  The key is embracing yourself at your core listening to your inner guidance and moving your energy. Feel the joy!

October 12, 2014

A Message

This afternoon, I felt very strongly that i needed to sit down and receive a message for today's post.  The best way for me to do this has always been to sit in my healing room, put on my headphones to listen to the Hemi-Sync Meditation CD and go through the "Meet Your Personal Guide" exercise from my book, "Traversing the Infinite Now".  Both the book and the CD are available here

The question that came to mind was "What information would be of the greatest benefit for people to receive in this post today?"  This is what came through:

Have faith and trust that all will work out in the best possible way for you.
The future has already happened and you have already attained your highest destiny.
Bring that future attainment into your life in each NOW moment. 
See it, sense it, feel it.
Be it NOW.  Live it NOW. 
Expand your essence into that which is your deepest heart's desire.
Settle into that energy and be comforted.
Re-member who you are. 

Sounds simple, doesn't it?  Nevertheless, how many of you can feel and embody your highest destiny down to your bones?  Even if you do not know exactly what that destiny is, you can ask to receive the feelings and emotions of it.   Allow your cellular memory to be imprinted with those feelings and emotions.   Sit with it for a while.  Do your best to walk through your day with that energy.  Repeat this exercise as necessary.  Re-member your glory! 

October 8, 2014

The Return

I am finally home again after a wonderful trip over to Utah for hiking and some needed R & R.  This year has been so busy that I welcomed a total disconnect from life as it has been.  It has been a good experience for me, as I let my healing and teaching endeavors take over for a time.  With the short days of winter looming, it will be much easier to go back to a slower pace of inner connection and introspection, especially with the garden and yard work done for the season.

The photo above is of Bryce Canyon National Park.  The mythology is that the local Native Americans regarded the towering hoodoos as embodying the spirits of their ancestors.  Very sacred.  Our group also went to many rarely visited locations and it was a delight to engage with our Earth Mother in the deep canyons where she felt especially close.  I had the privilege of visiting some unpublicized high energy sacred sites that must have been very significant to the native people of times past.  It was so nice to just sit and soak up the serene and clear energy of those spots. 

I also wanted to be home in time for this morning's blood moon.  It was the second in a series of 3 with the final one on the morning of April 4th, 2015.  Unfortunately, just as the moon was totally in shadow, some clouds rolled in, and the blood moon was not visible here.  Nevertheless, I remained sitting outside to tune into the unadulterated energetic emanations coming from the moon, and felt the familiar sadness and heavy weight on my chest as I did last April for the previous blood moon.  Please read the post for further explanation of what this is. 

Many blessings to all of you who are working your way through your issues and continuing on your path of evolution, wherever that may take you.  Remember that life is a process with very few goals.  Enjoy the process! 

September 29, 2014

On the Road Again

I am taking some time off for a little road trip.  Rest and rejuvenation will be the order of the day!  More when I return. 

September 27, 2014


This past week, I spent several days hiking out in the canyonlands of Utah just west of here.  I was with a group led by my friend Virginia, and we were researching Ancient Puebloan villages and archaic sacred sites.  It was bright and sunny, and the temperatures went into the mid 90's as we were in a semi-desert environment.  We even found a rattlesnake sleeping near his burrow. 

Yesterday, I went the other way up into the mountains to photograph the fall colors.  It was delightful to be in the sunny but cooler environment.  The aspen trees are starting to show their seasonal hues of yellows and oranges, and just looking at them stimulates the senses. The smell of the moist decomposing leaves that have already fallen from the trees always sends me back to a comforting time of joy and familiarity. 

I am lucky to be living in a place where we have easy access to desert and mountains.  One can always go to a different part of the area for some variety.  Unfortunately, a lot of people do not have those kind of opportunities.  Regardless, I encourage everyone to regularly break up their normal routine.  This might mean going for a drive out in the country if you live in a highly populated area, or taking a class in something that interests you.  Get out of your rut! 

This will keep your brain sharper.  You will also be more flexible energetically and be able to more easily roll with the punches that life can throw at you.  More joy will come to you as you expand your horizons, and who knows where that will lead?

September 24, 2014

The Start of Something Big

Every once in a while as guided, I do some tuning into our Earth Mother, Sophia, or Pachamama to see where she is in regards to hers and our graduation from the 4th dimensional earth arena.  Since the ill wind that I wrote about in the previous post has mostly subsided, I was drawn to do a check-in today. 

I do receive information from her on an ongoing basis, but to really tune in, this is what I do.  All of you can do this, too.  I sit in a quiet place, either in my house or out in nature.  I then expand my core essence as dynamically as can.  This raises my vibrational field to be a match for the 5th dimensional energy field at the center of our planet.  This also serves to unite me with what one would call the Higher Self of the Earth Mother.  Since we are the microcosm of her macrocosm, we are pretty much the same at that level of vibration. See my post on advanced grounding for more information on this technique.

Once I am linked up in this way, I take a moment to feel into what this feels like.  Words such as joy, bliss or a sense of coming home do not do it justice.  It can also be likened to how it feels to be back in a womb-like space that is totally supportive and life affirming.  For those who are having trouble with maintaining your grounding, this is also what it should feel like once you are fully connected to the earth core.  I hear from many people that they consider themselves to be grounded simply by going out in nature, sitting on the ground and enjoying their surroundings.  Not that that isn’t a pleasant and helpful way to experience your connection to the nature kingdoms that surround you, but it does not mean that you are intimately connected to the Heart of the Mother. 

So today, I did get that strong hit to sit down and connect sit her.  For the past several years I have gotten an image of her being very pregnant with energy.  It has also been my sense that the way she will birth this incubating energy will be out through her “navel” and not through the kind of birth canal that the human body uses.  The escalating number of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes that we have been experiencing for a number of years now is a symptom of the impending birth of this new energy.  They are pre-birth labor pains, so to speak! 

Today, there was a new twist of these events.  For the first time, I saw a thin stream of glowing golden energy coming out of her navel area and shooting off into space.  Wow!!  What does this mean?  I asked, and intuitively I knew that this was the first sign that ours and her graduation process has started.  Symbolically, a very tiny hole in the dyke has appeared.  Also, when a very tiny hole is created under great pressure, the stream coming out goes very far and with high velocity.  It feels like this first stream is an announcement of sorts to the others who are waiting for this process to begin here on earth. 

A reader left a comment on my previous post saying that the earth was dying.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  If you connect with her core, you will see and feel that she is alive and well.  Her spirit is eternal just as ours is.  But just as we will eventually drop our physical form at our moment of transition, she may have to do that, too.    As you know from friends or loved ones who have died, someone can pass with one last gentle breath, or fight a losing battle with a disease that has ravaged the body.  Our planet will be no different. 

Several years ago at a workshop at the Monroe Institute, we were guided to go to the earth core and receive messages and information.  The one aha that I got was that our Earth Mother is the 5th being to embody this planet.  In other words, she is a walk in!  My sense is that she walked in around 65 million years ago when a planetary cataclysm caused the end of the dinosaur age.  She came in to foster the evolution of the mammal kingdoms here.  So when she graduates and moves on taking some of us with her, another soul will step in and continue to take the earth to its next stage of evolution.   

What is the time frame for all of this?  That is so hard to determine in our system of linear time because what I am describing here is outside of time and space.  In a broader sense, the future has already happened, so the graduation is a fait accompli.  Those who carry the Seed of the Mother will undoubtedly be the first ones to transition, but how this will look in our 3D world remains to be seen.  There have also been several people who say that the ET's are here from the future to try to prevent the destruction of our planet.  I say that perhaps this “destruction” would mark the transition time when the soul of our Pachamama leaves and another soul comes in. 

In the mean time, what is to be done about the soiling of our nest that has gotten out of control in many areas?  This change may not easily come about by proselytizing or espousing causes.  I guarantee that change will come about once people start to establish their own intimate connection with the Heart of the Earth Mother.  The change can come about organically and not through the projection of one’s personal issues onto the current earth situation.