November 23, 2014

Evading the Traps

Our group had our November launching this morning, with another really wonderful time of sharing and spiritual exploration.  We’ve started rotating around amongst the member’s houses to share the responsibility of preparing the space for the group.  It was very nice for me to be able to just show up at someone else's house for a change!  A common theme amongst us always formulates when we compare notes from our journeys.  Today there was a lot of dumping of energetic baggage to be had in addition to quite a few higher dimensional beings accompanying each of us.  These are the helpers that everyone has but who do not come close to the earthly plane.  We have to raise our vibration to meet them on their own turf.

More and more I am coming to realize that all of the drama and trauma that is being created on the planet serves as a massive trap that is designed to keep us stuck here.  We get terribly distracted in addition to losing energy to our attachment to what is going on.  I am not recommending the total avoidance of engaging and just sitting back and observing, as we do evolve through how deeply we can engage with the people around us and our immediate surroundings. But certainly, pick your battles very carefully, as you can get entrapped and mired down in something that is not yours to deal with.  The focus on your personal issues is always the best path to follow.

That being said, my intent for my launch was to receive information on how to avoid all of the 4th dimensional traps when the time for completion and graduation occurs.  Also, what will happen during the completion journey?  I have written on this topic quite a few times, but the information is still coming in in bits and pieces. The whole process is very simple yet complicated at the same time, as there are many viewpoints to cover.  To read about the Earth Mother’s transformation, you can read my post entitled “Implosion”. 

As soon as I lay down to be launched, I could see a faraway pinpoint of light in my mind’s eye.  It turned out that this was the the stargate at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.  I would end up there today, but not before some other things happened in my journey. 

When I was launched, I instead found myself traveling down into the earth core, or the heart of our Earth Mother.  This is where I found many other beings congregating as we all merged into her energy field.  Many times, I have received the information that to avoid getting stuck in the 4th dimensional traps that are put in place to keep a person in the reincarnational cycle, one had to go around and not through 4D.  So it looks like this is how to do it—go directly to the 5th dimensional heart of the planet thus avoiding the 4th dimension all together.  If one is firmly anchored to the earth core with their grounding cord and has raised their vibrational level via expanding their core essence to match her vibration, that should not be a problem. 

Then the group energy body that consisted of the 5th dimensional heart core of our planet and the energetic essence of those of us who had just joined with her formed what I would call a large body of light or a space ship.  This ship started making its way to that faraway pinpoint of light that I noticed at the beginning of my launch.  We were headed to that 9th dimensional stargate and passing through dimensions 5 through 8 on our way.  Fascinating, as this was a new twist on the graduation scenario!

As I have written before, the center of out Milky Way Galaxy is a very busy place.  It is here where patterning is installed for those who are on their way down the dimensional scale to experiences in the lower dimensions, and knowledge and experience is harvested from those who have completed and are on their way back out of the dimensional system.  This is all for the growth and enhancement of the whole of our universal experience. 

In the post on the “Seed of the Mother”, I wrote about how the soul of our Earth Mother received her seed of knowledge on how to embody a planet. The reverse will also be happening when she gets back inside that stargate.  Her information and experiences will be harvested and she will move on to another endeavor.

Our information will be harvested, too, and then we will have the choice to receive another assignment and drop down through the dimensional scale to have another experience elsewhere, or to continue up the scale to exit this universe.  We will then find ourselves floating free in the multiverse where many universes coexist.  The choice will be made to jump into one of those other universes or continue on up back to the Source of All.  Except for a bit of coming and going to assist in the transformation process here on the planet, I will be exiting our universe at that time.  At least that is how it looks right now. 

This morning, I chose to do a second launching during which I went back into the Stargate Milky Way and asked to receive a good scrubbing of any energy that needed to go.  This is something that anyone can do at any time.  Any way in which you can lighten your load is a good thing!  The other members of the launching group all experienced some sort of healing or cleansing today, too. 

The process that I have described here is a sort of mapping the path for others to follow.  Not everyone will take this path however, as we all have our specific destinations that may not be the same as I have described.  Nevertheless, we all will be exiting this universe at some point to continue our journeys back to the Source of All. One of your jobs is to have your awareness fully activated so that you do not get entrapped unnecessarily on any of the dramas and traumas at play in the 4th dimension. 

November 16, 2014

The Painter

For the past several weeks, I have had workmen here repairing and fixing up the exterior of my house.  First it was a crew of 3 guys replacing old siding and building a new deck.  They were professional, eager to please, and very nice to work with.  No complaints there.  After them came the painter who repainted the whole house.  This is someone that the remodeling crew recommended and had worked with in the past.  I thought, OK, as that would save me the trouble of finding my own painter. 

Unfortunately, when he finished up I was busy with a client, so I just handed him a check for the balance of the work and went back to my client.  Later in the day, I took a walk around the house to look things over and found several things amiss, the biggest of which was his failure to fill in the nail holes from the new siding before he painted the house.  It looked like someone had shot the house with a BB gun! 

Well, that ticked me off as this guy was generally nice but kind of a whiner and I thought I was done with him at last.  Being attentive to my inner process, this was the first indication that I needed to do some work on myself.  A negative emotional response to any situation always points the way for this. 

After I calmed down a bit, my own mental looping started up.  Do I express my complaints and risk hurting his feelings?  Do I ignore the situation and just hope that the siding does not suffer further damage because of all of the tiny holes?  If I do that, do I get pissed off again every time I look at it, and angry at myself because I wasn’t able to resolve the situation?  Most importantly, why was I conflicted and looping?  Certainly there was a correct path to follow here, but I couldn’t discern it.

Then it hit me.  I had reverted back to a childhood pattern of reaction to my mother.  Wow!!  When will I be done with that one?  Certainly a lot went on in my childhood, but the aspect of it all that reared its ugly head a few days ago was the result of being raised by a mother who had the expectation that her children could be molded to fit her image of what they should be like without any regard to them as individuals with their own gifts and talents.  People in general were never good enough unless they met all of her criteria.  If they did not, a whole host of energetic attack was likely to break out.  As a result, I became extremely shy and stressed as a child, whereas my sister took the opposite mode as a rebel and somewhat of a trouble maker.  Both ends of the polarity spectrum there! 

So the looping was a result of not being empowered as a child to be my own person no matter what that looked like.  Believe me, that had been a life long struggle until I got divorced and started to reclaim my autonomy as an individual.  I was honestly confused as to how to proceed.  This was the point when I reassured my inner child that everything was going to be OK and then went within for guidance.  “Man up” I told myself, and I gave the painter a call. 

Not the response I was hoping for, as he indicated that my complaints were somewhat nonsensical and that he also would not be able to come out any time soon to correct them.  He was not as accommodating as the remodeling crew was!  On to plan B, but not before the looping started up again. 

What do I do now?  Again more confusion and worrying about hurting his feelings.  I then again engaged my inner child, settled her down and reassured her that it would be safe for her if I stepped up and took the next step.  The next morning I went into my bank and stopped payment on the check that I had given the painter the day before.  An extreme measure for me, as this was the first time in my life that I had to do that because I was dissatisfied with the service rendered.  OK!  I could feel the childhood patterns of caving in to a more dominant “mother” force reversing themselves while at the same time, the feelings of greater certainty and autonomy were growing within me. 

After that, there was no problem calling the painter and telling him that I had stopped the check and that he wouldn’t get paid until the job was done correctly.  He showed up that very afternoon and started filling in the many tiny holes in the siding.  Nothing like withholding money to get the job moving along!  Of course, I could tell by his mopey demeanor that I had become his over critical mommy, but that is his deal.  It’s always interesting to see that in any interaction between 2 people, the unhealed aspects, especially from childhood, can rear up to be dealt with. 

My hope is that everyone reading this can see how issues that have triggered an out of balance emotional response can be resolved by first noticing the emotional triggers, then going within to contact and work with the wounded part that is generating the distorted emotional response, and then taking some sort of action that is directed by higher guidance to empower and move you forward in the healing process.  It was no accident that I attracted that specific painter who made those specific errors to show me something about myself.  I also have every confidence that the painting job will be finished to my satisfaction.  Thank you Mr. Painter! 

November 9, 2014

Spiritual Bypassing

Spiritual Bypassing is a term coined by psychologist John Welwood in 1984.  In a nutshell, it is defined as the use of spiritual beliefs and practices to avoid dealing with life’s painful feelings and unresolved wounds.  In other words, it is a practice that many spiritual seekers use to avoid creating and maintaining that oh so important deep connection with their inner self because it is too painful or distressing to do so.  It could also be a matter of one’s spiritual ego telling them that this deep kind of work is not necessary to their spiritual progress, and to focus on higher concepts and theoretical ideas instead. 

I am writing about this today because I have had a few clients this year who have been using spiritual bypassing in their own evolutionary process, to the detriment of their own healing.  As those of you who have worked with me know, each client needs to have an issue to work with during a healing session.  By this I mean something that is current and real, and something that they are investing in changing.     For most people, there is so much going on in their lives that coming up with something is not a problem. 

For just a few others, they are so disconnected from their deep inner self that it has been next to impossible to elicit any kind of workable issue from them at the start of their session.  I hear things like “I want you to pull me out of the synthetic matrix”, “MKUltra is after me and sabotaging my dreams”, “If you can just help me connect to my Higher Self, my life would be perfect”, “I think that XYZ spiritual group did something to me 10 years ago, but I don’t know what it was, and I want it fixed.”   It has been difficult at times for me to try to pull these clients back to some sort of everyday reality that we can work with.  The best issues are always practical, current and distressing.

In addition to expressing these not so practical issues, these clients are very much in their heads and not very well grounded or connected to their bodies.  Having a mental understanding of an issue is necessary most of the time, but the aspects that get left out are the emotional and physical body reactions.   Your body is your barometer and if you are getting either emotional signals or body sensations that are not the norm for you, it is trying desperately to get your attention about something.  If you are not grounded and in your body, you will miss these signals.  On top of that, you won’t be able to use this very important body mechanism to point the way for your healing. 

When I get a client who has these difficulties, they do what I call “spinning” when trying to nail down something that I can work with in a session.  They bounce from mental concept to mental concept, all the while failing to make any kind of connection with their deep distress.  By sticking with a concept that is more theoretical, they avoid feeling the feelings that are being generated by the buried an unhealed aspects of their lives.  Last week I had to stop a session with a client 20 minutes into the intake interview because of the spinning.  Usually, I can verbally lead them to something fruitful to work on, but not this time. 

So here is a little story to explain what I am talking about.  You are out on the ocean in a small sailboat and pull into a cove for the night.  You drop your anchor, and it gets imbedded in the deep muddy muck of the ocean floor.  In the morning, when it is time for you to pull up your anchor and set sail, you find that it is still stuck in the muck.  What to do?  Being a lazy kind of sailor, you simply cut the anchor rope and get on your way, forgetting all about the anchor you left behind.  Come evening, you find another cozy cove to spend the night in and suddenly realize that you have no anchor and must remain adrift during the night.  In addition to that, you have to stay awake to watch for any dangers that come your way. 

The next morning, you are determined to go back to the place where you cut loose your anchor and retrieve it.  You dive down to the ocean floor and attach a new rope to the anchor.  After much struggle and strain, you are successful in bringing your anchor to the surface and into your boat.  Whew!!!  If only you had put that kind of effort into it the first time around!  Lesson learned.

Your anchor rope represents your connection to the realm of your unresolved issues, in other words, your shadow self.  The anchor is what keeps you embedded in that muck and mire for as long as it exists in the shadowy depths.  Freeing yourself from that mess requires engagement, determination and lots of hard work.  There are no shortcuts.  By cutting that rope, you float off and remain adrift.  You have avoided the work of engagement and healing for something that appears to be more pleasant in the short term, but the unresolved issue with the anchor will come back to haunt you again and again until it is resolved. 

There is a positive side to all of this.  Each time you dig in, more of the muck gets cleared away, and the whole process becomes much easier.  If you use spiritual bypassing as an avoidance strategy, you just drift on forever.  The anchor stuck in the muck will remain there until you double back to retrieve it. 

There is a fine art to the introspection and inner connection that is required for true healing and evolution.  For some this comes easier than for others, but for none is it impossible.  It is always a pleasure for me to work with someone who has taken the time to go within and examine their issues before a session.  It makes the whole process more worthwhile for both the client and me. 

October 31, 2014

A Matter of Balance

We have all chosen to experience this 4th dimensional earthly arena as the next step in our soul’s journey to completion.  A plan was formulated before we got here to create the ideal situations for our growth and experience.  Completion or graduation from this realm would provide us with a cosmic education that is unequaled in this universe.  We would then go on to become creator beings in our own right.

I am not saying that this journey has been easy by any means.  It has been quite challenging, especially for those who have chosen to tie up all of the loose ends this time around, as many will not be returning to the earthly arena after this lifetime and need to complete ASAP! 

Completion requires that we come to a balance point between the dark and the light, the organic and the synthetic.  The light does not win out over the dark, and as I am coming to realize, it is impossible to become 100% organic in nature, either. 

In the past 10 days, I have had a private session with George Kavassilas in addition to hosting our launching group here this past Sunday.  My session with George served to trigger my memories of the greater me that exists outside this arena.  It is big, and I have been reformulating my understanding of who I am ever since. 

My memories of being one of the planners and orchestrators of our experience here are coming back now.  Of course, George is one of these, too.  Contracts and agreements were made with the dark forces/synthetic creation/service to self beings, etc, to play a specific role in this experience.  It is one big stage play with writers, directors, actors, stage hands, costumers, and makeup artists.  There are heroes and villains, the downtrodden and the uplifted.  At the end, everyone comes out to take a bow.  This would be the equivalent of our completion or graduation. 

Nice, if it were really happening that way.  I am seeing more and more that the negative polarity beings of our drama, whoever they may be, have taken over the show.   Through their greedy ego natures that desire power, we have been increasingly stuck in a world of lack and limitation, domination and control.  The whole stage play has been tipped way out of balance.   I know that George has been saying this for quite some time now, but through my re-membering, I am coming to this understanding, too.

My intent for my launching on Sunday was to gain an even greater understanding of my role as a co-creator and co-orchestrator of this reality.  After I was launched, I found myself heading towards what looked like the Milky Way Galaxy.  At a certain point in the journey, I was looking down on it as if it were a giant table.  I could see the black hole in the center and many fuzzy arms spiraling out from its edge.  On this table were piles of papers.  As I looked closer, I realized that these were all of the contracts that were agreed to by all parties involved at the beginning of this grand experience.  Keep in mind that the part that the above negative forces was to play was to challenge and push us so that we could flex our energetic muscles and grow.  Instead, these forces have negated their contracts by vying to become our masters.  This has hindered our evolution and slowed the whole process down for everyone.  This creation has gotten way out of balance as a result. 

After realizing the implications of what I was seeing, I then began banging my fist on the table demanding that these contracts and agreements be honored by everyone.  For some really crazy reason, I felt like Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev banging his shoe on the desk at the United Nations in 1960.  Perhaps it is the tie in to the JFK assassination anniversary that is coming up in a few weeks.  As I was coming back from my launching, I also realized that the organic and synthetic paths will have to merge back into each other in a balanced and unified state to complete their own journeys. 

All of the above revelations have given me something the chew on this week, and I am sure that the chewing will go on for some time to come.  More revelations will be revealed, too.  In my healing practice, I will still be addressing the dark/synthetic/ET energies that are bothering my clients, as, even though they are in some way fulfilling their contracts, they have gone too far out of balance to provide my clients with the agreed upon growth opportunities.  

If any of you are interested in a reading with George, I encourage you to go ahead, as you will not be disappointed.   He has a unique ability to see the greater you and trigger those memories within you.  Those private sessions can be booked at