July 1, 2015

More on the Spinning DNA

This is just a short post, as I wanted to get this information out before I move onto something else.  This past Saturday I went hiking up in the local mountains for the first time this season.  Because of all the rain that we had in May, a lot of places were just too muddy to traverse up until now.  I was also feeling the melancholy that I wrote about in the last post, so it was good to get out of our warm temperatures and into a cooler environment. 

As I was walking along a forest road in a somewhat goofy state, I realized that the DNA in my pineal gland had started to spin.  Not only that, I could detect that the tiny black cubes that represent the genetic distortions were being flung out.  As things sometimes go, as soon as you put your attention on something happening in another dimension, that action appears to stop because you are slowing it down by looking at it.   I did do my best to go with the flow and stay in a somewhat altered state to allow this process to continue for a bit longer.  You can read about the DNA and the black cubes here. 

So here is the big aha moment.  It seems to me that at a certain point in our clearing of the DNA, we may not have to consciously use one of several methods to do so.  There will be a tipping point where enough momentum is built up in the process so that it can continue on its own.  Maybe not 24/7 at first, but sporadically activated on its own because of the intent to have this happen.  It will be so much easier that way!  This may already be happening to you.  You will perceive it when you are relaxed and least expect to see something like this.

June 28, 2015

A Melancholy Day

The energy around here has been kind of weird today.  It’s like I slipped into another dimension, as it seems to be particularly hard to relate to my surroundings.   It could also be the weather or the recent solar flares.  I suspect that there is something bigger than just my stuff happening. 

It all started 2 days ago on Friday.  I attended a pot luck luncheon given for the ladies that I work out with and who are in my Zumba class.  Our Zumba teacher also works as a social director at one of the local nursing homes, and she was going to bring one of the residents who was living at the facility because of her dementia.  I was shocked when they came through the door, as I knew that lady with the dementia.  It had been several months since I had seen her at Zumba class, and I also remembered her from my ballroom dancing classes.  Apparently, her dementia had gotten worse very rapidly.  I said hello, and I think that I got her standard response of “I know you from somewhere”.  None of the elders on either side of my family had ever gotten Alzheimer’s or dementia.  They all went to the grave with their wits intact.  So this episode kind of threw me off.

Then yesterday, I got a notice in the mail that one of our local non-profit organizations, the Cortez Cultural Center, was closing its doors because of the increasing financial difficulty that it had been having for the past several years.  It was such a hopeless situation that they were also being forced to sell the very historical building that they had occupied for almost 30 years.  This facility had provided programs on archeology, art exhibits for local artists, a kids camp in the summer, and our annual birding festival, to name a few of the activities.  This is also where I had been renting space for the QSH workshops and had used the facility many times in the past for evening workshops and shamanic trainings.  Closing the facility will be a huge loss for the community. 

So I sat down to get to the root of my melancholy feelings of the day.  Loss seems to be the theme.  I am sad about the loss of the mental faculties of my acquaintance from the nursing home, and sad for the loss of a great cultural institution.  Sad that I will never have the interactions with both that I had in the past.  Something has been taken away.   Other losses in my life have come up, and there is a grieving process underway.

There is also a sadness for what humanity has lost and for the many losses that we will inevitably be facing in the near future.  We are reaching a crisis point and most will not emerge unscathed.  It will be up to each to resolve with their life so far and the losses that they have endured and will be enduring in the future. 

Perhaps what I am feeling is also due to some planetary or cosmic forces affecting our planet.  I hope so, as it will eventually shift.  In the mean time, I bought myself a lobster tail to fix for dinner.  Maybe that will pull me out of my funk.   

June 25, 2015

Angel Wings

Today I’d like to describe a very interesting QSH session that I did on a client a few days ago.  This is a person who has done a fair amount of work with me and is great to work with because he is intent on furthering his healing and spiritual evolution.  On top of that, he has a much better understanding of his own issues and internal workings than my average client.

Without getting into specifics, I will describe the segment of the session that really blew me away.  Early on during the hour of healing work, I was using my healing orb to dissolve patterns around his neck and shoulders.  First, there was a past life that was still generating an energetic yoke that was attached to the back of his neck and weighing down his shoulders.  In that lifetime, he was hauling bags or buckets of rocks that were hanging down from either side of this yoke.  It was very hard labor, and the body suffered. 

Next, there was a genetic pattern on the back of his neck inherited from a female ancestor who was very fearful of speaking up.  This was a very downtrodden woman whom I described as a 2nd class citizen with no rights of her own.  I think that we all have had something like this in our ancestry!

After the above two patterns were cleared, there was still quite a bit of heavy energy on each shoulder, much like football pads.  Most of the time, the orb just dissolves the heavy energy, but in this case, it was flinging it out and away from the etheric patterning of my client’s body.  This told me that he was carrying other people’s burdens on his shoulders, and this heavy energy was being sent back to its owners. 

Now, here is the interesting part of the session.  After this part of the clearing was done, a beautiful glowing white pair of energetic angel wings started to sprout and grow out of the upper back of my client’s body.  This is something that I had not seen before in any other client’s healing session. 

My first thought was that he needed these wings to fly, to rise above, or to move ahead in some fashion in his life.  That certainly fit in with the theme that we had been working on, not only for this session but as a continual undercurrent from many previous sessions.  But there was more to it than this.  I was curious as to the origin of his new wings.

I have to say that I have never encountered an angel, not that they do not exist in some realm.  My belief around this is that the members of the angelic kingdom are more like devas.  These are the beings that hold the consciousness of form.  This is their job, and they have no free will.  I feel that the beings that many people label as angels and describe as those who come to save them from some calamity are actually their Higher Self or another higher aspect of themselves.  Perhaps it is not yet their time to leave the earthly plane, and that aspect of self arrives to make sure that they survive to fulfill on their life contracts and do not exit prematurely.

What I tracked for this client was that there is a race of beings on another planet or dimension somewhere that look like our traditional view of angels.  These are not what I would call ET’s, either.  These beings would fall more into the category of dolphins or whales, who also have their own planets.   My client has an aspect on this angel planet, and that aspect came in and connected with him during the session to help him with a needed skill or ability.  For example, perhaps the people who are good at deep diving without an oxygen tank have assistance from their whale aspect! 

This reminds me of a client that I worked with some time back who was complaining that a big hairy man that she labeled an entity was putting her to sleep when she sat down, and physically bothering her at night in bed.  During her first session with me, it was clear that this was not an entity.  I saw the image of the hairy man in her auric field, and my sense was that it was an aspect of her that lived on what we called the hairy man planet.  I recommended that she make friends with it and try to get a message as to why it was bothering her.  She was not interested in that, and just wanted it gone.  That was not something that I could help her with. 

So now I have a client out there with angel wings.  Maybe this is a permanent manifestation, or just temporary.  The wings could have shown up just to help with a current situation.  This just goes to show that we are so much more than we think we are!  As we become more of the multidimensional beings that we truly are, we can also tap into the skills and abilities of our aspects that exist in other realities.

June 22, 2015

Summer Solstice Launching

Our launching group is in the process of shifting and reformulating, and so on Solstice Sunday, we had a new combination of people participating.  In spite of that, we came together with common purpose, and the information that each brought back dovetailed nicely with the big picture that was presented.  I am always amazed at how the group’s consciousness links us all. 

As always, each launchee needed a theme or intent for their journey.  To continue the mapping of the upcoming changes in the human energy field, my intent was to gather information on what happens after the DNA dissolves.  The preliminary step to this was revealed during my trip to Scotland over a year ago.  You can read about that here.

After expanding my core essence and lifting off with the help of the group, I found myself in a fairly well lit tunnel.  As I proceeded down this tunnel, I was passing a multitude of small black cubes that were strung on thin strands of gold.  Later, one member of the group likened this to the way Italian lights are wired up to be used for a holiday decoration.  Each of these black cubes had a lid, and I could see dark wormy figures popping out and back in as I went by. 

It wasn’t until I saw a powerful stream of pale golden light coming towards me down the tunnel that I realized that I was looking at the master strand of DNA in the pineal gland.  This stream of energy was knocking the black boxes off of their strands.  Aha!!  The boxes represented the artificially implanted distortions and mutations that have been installed by the synthetic matrix, and that we all carry.  The powerful stream was the blast of energy that one can send from their expanded core essence, up the arm and out the palm into the pineal gland.   This is the easiest and most efficient way of clearing the distortions in the DNA. 

Not only were the black boxes being knocked off of the strands, the strands themselves were being shredded into segments at the same time.  When all of the boxes had been removed, the remaining segments of DNA merged into a small orb of light.  As this point, there was no DNA left.

In a flash, this glowing orb of light popped out of the 4th dimensional arena and could be seen hovering in space above it.  That makes sense, as DNA is a 4 D structure, and the glowing orb had transformed into a 5 D energy form.  When I received the information on the DNA transformation in Scotland last year, the last step was for the glowing orb in the pineal to slide down the body’s central column and enter the 5 D energy field of the core essence, so this information was all matching up so far.   

Here is where the new information came in.  This orb of glowing energy then diffused into an infinite number of glowing sparks, and spread throughout the galaxy.  It was like a very pale thin fog that permeated everything.  I found my focus of attention going from one spark to the next, staying just long enough to create or manifest something in that particular location.  This was galactic play at work, unrestricted by any controlling force like we are subject to in the 4D arena. 

So the question came up as to how to return to the earthly plane on a temporary basis to assist or just to observe.  This question has come up before, and I have heard several predictions that there would be such beings coming and going to assist during the transition times.  My concern has always been about getting stuck here again.  Not to worry.  If one’s DNA is gone, one will not get trapped, and can manifest any form that is appropriate for any situation, and dissolve that form at will.  The structure of the DNA is one of the traps that keep us all here!  

That was a big aha moment, and further served to emphasize the importance of clearing and purifying the DNA, as this whole process will not get going with all of those tiny black boxes still in place. 

After I observed this cosmic play at work for a bit longer, I saw all of those millions of tiny sparks come back into their unified glowing orb state.   Then the orb exited through the stargate in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, and then on through the orifice at the top of our universe and out into the multiverse.  Its experience here was finished. 

As with all of my posts of this nature, this is what I call a mapping process.  More accurately, it is a re-membering process, as we have all done these sorts of things before and have that knowledge in us somewhere.  It’s like the hundredth monkey principle.  Once the information is brought out again, people will pop like popcorn with their own re-membering, and that process will gain momentum throughout humanity.  Of course not everyone will be exiting this universe at the end of their experience here.  For some, there will be different arenas to explore and different experiences to be had.  Many may even retain their DNA and end up in a place where that is still useful.  Many paths will be presented and one needs to be ready to go where they are called.   On to the next adventure! 

June 21, 2015

Magical Sky

Last night, Saturday, I hosted a group of people here at my house for a Summer Solstice fire ceremony.   The weather was perfect and the energy of the event was sublime.  Everyone was encouraged to let go of what had been keeping them off balance and stuck.   A massive amount of this was put into the fire to be combusted, and it was my goal for the group that all of the positive outcomes that they intended in turn be manifest for them.  It is my sense that we all need to “put our ducks in a row” to prepare for what may be heading our way in regards to societal, financial,  and planetary upheaval.

One of the highlights of the evening was the conjunction of the moon, Jupiter and Venus that could be seen in the western sky just after sunset.  The hazy clouds of earlier in the evening had cleared, and we were treated to a crystal clear view.  Even though the moon was only in a crescent phase, it was bright enough to cast our shadows on the ground. 

Dream time was filled with a gentle buzzing sensation that I felt even upon waking then next morning.  Today, Sunday, some of those who attended the fire ceremony came back to my house for a launching.  In my next post, I will write about the new information that made itself known to us. 

June 20, 2015

Solstice Weekend

Happy Solstice to everyone: Winter Solstice for those of you down under, and Summer Solstice for those of us in the northern hemisphere.  We will be enjoying our shortest day and longest day of the year respectively. 

Here at my house in SW Colorado, I will be leading a shamanic fire ceremony this evening for locals and a few out-of-towners.  This not only honors the solstice, but gives attendees a chance to release what is not working in their lives and to bring in new patterning for where they want to go in the future.  I have students in Latvia, and our group will be linking energetically with their solstice ceremony.  This should make for a very powerful evening.

In addition to all of that, there is a lovely conjunction of Venus, Jupiter and the crescent moon that can be seen tonight in the western sky just after sunset.  What a blessing!  We are having some very hot weather here this week, and there is a lot of haze in the air.  I suspect that there is a forest fire burning somewhere in the southwest, and the haze is actually smoke.  Last night the setting sun was a huge glowing orange ball, and we should see that again tonight because of the atmospheric conditions. 

Tomorrow I am hosting a launching for students who will be participating in the fire ceremony.  We will be keeping the high energy momentum of the weekend going, and our individual journeys should be very interesting indeed!

I encourage all of you to do some sort of ceremony this weekend, either in a group or as individuals.  Your intent carries much more weight when applied during a high vibrational time such as this weekend offers.  I hope to write about our group's adventures in spirit in the coming days.  

June 15, 2015

A Fairy Garden

This past Saturday, I received a very excited phone call from my friend Kathleen.  She had just returned from 10 days out of town, and said that the whole area around her house looked like a fairy garden.  It turned out that while she was gone, the prickly pear cactus had come into its annual blooming, which was also greatly enhanced by all of the rain that we have had this spring.  Being the avid photographer and nature lover that I am, I made arrangements to go over the next day to see the display.

Kathleen has been house sitting near Cortez at a house that sits on several hundred acres of pinyon pine and juniper forest.  This habitat is characterized by dry conditions and generally sandy soil with bare areas in between sparse vegetation.   Springtime wildflowers can be abundant, although by now, most of them have blossomed and gone to seed.  June is the time for the prickly pear cactus to bloom, and what a show it put on this year! 

These cactus flowers open up in the heat of the day and close up at night.  I had gotten to Kathleen’s a bit too early for the blossoms to open up, so we sat on the deck of the house enjoying the hummingbirds sipping nectar from the feeders.  The house sits on the edge of a big canyon, and the resident pair of golden eagles could be seen soaring and circling in the distance.   As I rarely get much down time, it was delightful just to sit and enjoy the day.

Once we ventured out into the forest, cameras in hand, the sight of all of the blossoms was almost overwhelming.  We were looking at single plants, small clusters and big patches of cactus blooming in colors ranging from hot pink to lemon yellow, peach to pumpkin, pale pink to pale yellow and everything in between.  Some of the blossoms looked more like roses perched atop the spiny pads. 
 We went from place to place in a giddy manner, snapping photos all along the way.  Everywhere we turned, there was something new and beautiful to see.  The cactus fairies had certainly done their work well!  It was magical.  It felt like we had entered a space of no time, and the cares of everyday life just fell away.  
I can’t tell you how nice it was to just be and enjoy.  That’s very difficult for me to do at home, so getting out someplace in nature is so much more effective.  I highly recommend it for everyone!  I hope you enjoy the photos of Kathleen’s fairy garden.