October 8, 2015

Party in Puno

On our way to our next destination, Puno, we were informed that there was a big celebration going on in town, and that traffic might be a problem.  The celebration was for the graduating class from the local university.  We reached our hotel just before dinner, checked in, and my roommate Sheila and I and a few others promptly went out to find something to eat. 

As luck (ha!) would have it, we were located about a block off of the main street that went through downtown.  Even though the daytime festivities were finished, nighttime activities were in full swing.  A parade had been going on for who knows how long down that main street, and as we dodged through the people to get to our restaurant, I took a few photos.  The young ladies were dressed in skimpy outfits with either feathered wings on their backs, or headdresses with horns on their heads, and chunky high heeled boots.  The young men were dressed as devilish matadors.  In between groups of either all men or all women that were dancing down the street were marching bands that played mainly big bass drums, smaller drums and all kinds of horns.  It was a very loud and crazy scene!  

I have to mention here that at least in Bolivia and Peru, and probably most other South American countries, they party a lot.  Any excuse for a celebration, party, or parade, and this happens quite often throughout the year.  I am talking about Catholic religious holidays, graduations, elections, birthdays, anniversaries, public holidays, and many more.  I have been in Cusco, Peru twice in the month of June, and that month is one big party with parades, fireworks, rock bands and marching bands. 

By the time we got done with dinner, it was dark outside, and I took a few more photos.  What do you think of this?  Of course with night shots, the shutter stays open a bit longer, and some photos turned out a bit blurry.  In the photos below, though, the matador costumes were perfectly in focus, so there was no blur.  I only noticed the “blue snake” the next day when I looked back at my photos.  It covers the lower edge of the costume of the matador on the right, and I would have seen it in the physical if it was lying in the street.  I have to mention that there was clearly a lot of drinking going on among the parade participants and the observers, too 

I heard the parade and marching bands going on until at least 1:30 AM, and some of the people in our group were up until 3 AM.  Most of us were worn out by the next morning, including me.  Our guide Julie said that this celebration was one big event of devil worship.  I believe it!  

October 7, 2015

Amaru Meru

After spending 2 nights and another interesting energetic day in Copacabana, our work with healing and uniting the male and female energies was complete.  We then headed off to cross the border into Peru and our destination of Puno.  Before getting into Puno, we visited the sacred site of Amaru Meru.  It is called the Gate of the Gods, and is a very ancient stargate and interdimensional doorway.  It is located about a mile from the shore of Lake Titicaca in an area of unusual red rock formations.

When we arrived, it appeared that this stargate was partially closed and not fully functional, so as a group, we did some repair work to bring it on line again.  Apparently, the energetic quality of this stargate is not steady all of the time, as it ebbs and flow throughout the year.  We each made an offering of red and white flower petals as we entered the sacred space as a way of maintaining a balance between the giving and receiving.  Each person then had a chance to sit in this doorway and receive the imprinting of patterning and codes while also connecting with the energy that they had been working with in the last few days.
 When I tuned into the stargate as the first few people were sitting in the doorway, I started connecting with the energetic lineage of beings that resided there.  I was drawn back through time and dimension, and thus labeling this a lineage of interdimensional stargate travelers that could journey outside of time and space.  They were androgynous in nature and were perfectly balanced.  
Upon taking my turn sitting in the doorway, I realized that this marked not only a shift in the energetics of the trip for the group as a whole, but also for me personally in reaching a new turning point in my skills, abilities, and spiritual life in general.  By embodying the energetic patterns that were now entering my heart through my back leaning up against the wall, I was re-membering more of my abilities of being able to travel in this way.  This would include instantaneous travel to any destination, even off planet, multidimensional travel, being in many places at once, shifting the space-time continuum, slowing or accelerating time, and having a greater access to the quantum field.  This would benefit my clients as well.  I set my intent to absorb and embody as much of this lineage as possible. 

It hit me that some of this was already happening on the trip with the simultaneous viewing of energetic imprints of a particular location that were coming from different sources, dimensions and time lines.  Like that multi-level chess game!  Now the challenge would be to be able to choose and maintain a focus into one or even several scenarios simultaneously.  If you have seen the movie “Inception”, then you know what I mean.  We are becoming multidimensional beings after all! 

After everyone was finished with their time in the stargate, we sat for a bit just enjoying this unique spot.  Then back on the bus and off to Puno for a very unusual evening ahead! 

October 6, 2015

Island of the Moon

This day was the Vernal Equinox in South America: a perfect time to balance the male and female within, and the perfect place in which to do it.   As we walked back down from our lodge on the Island of the Sun to take our boat over to the Island of the Moon, it started to rain.  It rained steadily until we reached our destination, and then completely stopped.  This was a common pattern for the whole trip, as rain was in the forecast almost every day, but it either didn’t happen or it rained while we were inside somewhere or overnight.  Being out on the water and in the rain was very cocooning and cleansing and was quite nice.

As we approached the island, I was reminded of the multidimensionality of this sacred location.  We had the huge energy vortex of Lake Titicaca, the smaller vortex of the island and its sacred site, ley lines coming across, and the Inca history here.  I started to perceive the very powerful female energy and my heart opened to receive it.  She was saying “Remember, remember who you are.  Surrender and let go of what no longer serves.  I am in service to you.  Here, you will birth something new.  Your labor pains can be easy or hard.  Letting go is easy. Resistance is hard.  Allow the new you to be birthed!” 
Two days ago I had tuned into what I believe was a past life on the Island of the Moon.  In Inca times, this was where the priestesses of the realm lived and channeled guidance for the Inca King.  They took full advantage of the heightened energy here to do this.  I projected back in time to re-experience this lifetime.  Here is the story.

Word would be sent out to both islands that the Sapa Inca was coming to Lake Titicaca.  His first stop would be on the Island of the Sun, where very sacred offerings and ceremony would be held.  Men only!  In the mean time, the priestesses of the Island of the Moon would be preparing.  My job was to go into deep meditation, connect with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy via the Serpent Rope, and then expand and hold that energy for the proceedings.  I have a feeling that those who were doing the actual channeling did this before the Inca King arrived, and that they never actually met him person. 

He would be boated over and his crew would stay at the dock.  Fine food and supplies were delivered at the same time as a reward or payment for the services rendered.  He would then meet with the head priestess alone to receive the channeled information and ask questions.  He did not need to ask the questions of the channelers directly, as they intuitively knew what those questions were!  All the while, I would be holding this expanded connection with the stargate Milky Way, from which all of this information was coming.  When he left, I released and retracted this connection and spent a few days in dreamtime before coming back to full consciousness.  Quite a story, eh?  Perhaps some of you were there, too 
Anyway, when our boat reached the island, it had magically stopped raining.  We walked up to the temple complex, named the Temple of the Virgins.  Julie led a ceremony, and I could feel the union of my inner male and female taking place.  What a mellow spot!  We had time to wander afterwards, and I know that many in the group felt a strong resonance with this location.  There was one room in particular that held a very powerful energy.  There were niches in the walls, and many people had left offerings there, myself included.
There was one more ceremony down at the shore which involved bringing up the patterning from Lake Titicaca into our fields.   Most went into the water.  I waded in almost up to my knees, which was enough to bring up these vibrations and radiate them to the group, which was my assigned task.  The beach was so nice that we could have stayed there for another couple of hours, but our time there was complete.  On to the boat and back to Copacabana for the next 2 nights.  

October 5, 2015

Island of the Sun

Our group was so very lucky to be able to spend 2 nights and almost 3 days on the Island of the Sun.  Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world at around 12,500’ in elevation, and our lodge at the top of the island was at least at 13,000’ or even a bit higher.  The views were fabulous, and the people, flora and fauna there inspired feelings of tranquility and serenity.  A true oasis!  Hiking up and down at that elevation was a challenge for some, especially since we were only a few days into the trip from elevations much lower in the states.  I had been there once before but only on a day trip, so I relished the opportunity to stay longer.
We hiked down from our lodge to the dock where the boat took us to another harbor in a town further north on the island.  Our destination was the Sun Temple complex, which was reached via a long upwards sloping trail from the harbor.  All the way over on the boat and on the trail, I invoked the strong and pure masculine energy of this sacred island, and the healing of my inner male energy.  As is common to most women on the planet nowadays, our inner male energy is quite weak and distorted, and we have very few strong male role models to look to for positive imprinting.  I could feel a shift happening within me as I hiked up to the site.  It was a most wonderful feeling!   This is how a strong intent can create a change in the presence of a high energy area like this lake and this island.
The Sun Temple site consisted of a plaza with the Sacred Rock (above) on one side facing the lake, a walled-in area where the actual temple formerly stood next to that, and a large stone “table” propped up by rocks across from the Sacred Rock.  Further down the path were the ruins of a building complex called the Chinkana, which is Quechua for labyrinth.  It was supposedly a place for the Inca king and his warriors to come for ceremony.  The whole place just oozed with male energy! 
As we entered the site, we had a chance to look around.  An arrangement had been made for a shaman of the local Aymara people to do a special ceremony for us, and he was waiting at the stone table with his shaman’s mesa all laid out.  I just had time to leave an offering stone at the Sacred Rock, and to take only one photo.  Wish I had taken more!  We then went on to check out the Chinkana before going back to the shaman for our ceremony. 
This whole area was highly energetic, and the Chinkana felt like the focal point for it all.  Here there were the remains of buildings, and a small plaza with a small stone bench propped up with stones.  Above this was a wall with a series of 7 life sized niches all facing the lake.  Julie detected a very powerful ley line coming into this spot from across the lake on the Peru side.  Was this one of the dragon lines that crossed Lake Titicaca?  There was also a very powerful vortex coming up out of the ground here.
We went back for our ceremony with the shaman.  What a sweet man!  He proceeded to create a fairly elaborate despacho for us.  This is a medicine bundle that is designed to “dispatch or ship” prayers to the Earth Mother, or Pachamama, and the Apus, or sacred mountains.  It also includes prayers for the healing of the group attending.  I have done many of these in my shamanic work, and was able to follow along with the process fairly well.  It was a very sincere, gentle and heartfelt offering to our group, and I was truly moved by the whole ceremony.  When the despacho was finished, it was burned on the spot to facilitate the release of the healing energy. 

When that was finished we had time to wander, and I went right back to the Chinkana.  With luck, there were no people around, so I laid out 2 sacred stones and my crystal skull on the stone bench in the plaza.  As I sat and tuned in, it felt like I was encased in not only the vortex there but the ley line coming into the site.  The surroundings went bright and clear, and my skull started to pulse and even generate its own vortex on the spot.  After a short while, people started to come around, so I packed up my sacred items and then went up to the level above to stand in one of the life sized niches. 
The story that you hear is that gold covered statues were put in the niches that are very common throughout Bolivia and Peru, but in this case, I felt that perhaps priests also may have stood there.  Their job was to absorb the energy coming in via the ley line and not only anchor it into the ground but also radiate it out to the community at that location.  So I did just that, getting into an altered state in the process. 
Our group soon gathered and made its way back down the trail to the small town, the dock and our boat that would take us to lunch and our afternoon destination on another part of the island.  Then a long hike back to the lodge for dinner.  I firmly felt that my inner male energy had experienced a big shift, bringing it into a better alignment with its true healed nature and with my female energy.     

October 4, 2015

From La Paz to Lake Titicaca

Our travel group of 17 people led by Julie Gullick-Wiley arrived in La Paz, Bolivia on September 19th.   After 2 days in La Paz, which included a visit to Tiwanaku, we drove across the altiplano to Copacabana on Lake Titicaca.  
Most of the area we were driving through had at one time been under the waters of the lake, which was once much larger.  We were literally inside the huge energy vortex of the lake while traveling, and as we were also around 13,000’ in elevation, it was quite a “heady” experience!

We dropped our luggage off at our hotel and went immediately to the dock to get on our boat for the trip over to the Island of the Sun, where we would spend 2 nights at an eco lodge nestled near the top of the island.  
As we boated across to the island, I tuned in to the energies here.  I have to say that this area is one of the most highly energized places on the planet.  In addition to the big energy vortex, there are many smaller ones, and also a variety of ley lines coming and going under the water and across the islands.  The 2 dragon lines that weave their way across the planet intersect here, too.  That only happens in one other spot on earth.  There are also tales of a solar disc that serves as an energy generator, and is located on the etheric levels deep under the water’s surface.  Sacred sites abound, not only on the islands but on the shore in both Peru and Bolivia.  The land and water within this energy field is vibrant and alive, and so are the people, plants and animals, at least on the Bolivian side of the lake!  
I started to notice that I was perceiving these energy structures, and the events and energies at the various sacred sites in a multidimensional way now.  It was like looking at a layer cake, with something different happening in each layer, but it was still a whole cake!  That also tells you how complex the energy structures of this area can be.  It all depends on where you are focused, what you notice based on your need to know and knowledge base, and your levels of perception.  Like playing multi-level chess, with everything happening at the same time. 

During the boat ride, I started tuning in to the Mama Cocha, great Lake Titicaca.  She said “I am the Great Mother, birthing many peoples and civilizations.  I am clean, pure and nurturing.  Tap into my energy to allow yourself to be cleansed, reset and born anew”.  My heart started getting very warm, even though we were chilly riding in the boat.  It occurred to me that there may be some volcanic activity deep under the bottom of the lake.  Or perhaps this was just the effect of the heightened energy here.  “Combust with heat, cleanse with water”.  Surrender to the process.  Sounded like a good plan! 

As I have stated before, it is good to have a strong intent for yourself when working in these high vibrational energies.  Since we would be staying on the Island of the Sun and doing a ceremony on the Island of the Moon for the equinox, my intent was to heal my inner masculine energy and balance and unite it with my inner feminine.  The lake told me that part of her job was to hold space for the healing between the male and the female.  It felt like being rocked inside a great nurturing womb space. 

We finally docked on the Island of the Sun, and were greeted by local ladies with donkeys to carry our small amount of luggage up the many steps to the lodge.  The sun was starting to set, and the magic was just beginning!